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Underinsured Homes

Monday, 03 March 2014 by

Most homeowners have one thing in common: their single, largest asset is usually their residence. Most homeowners are also aware that, regardless where they live, their home faces the chance that it could be severely damaged or destroyed by a number of causes. In recent years, many homes have been demolished by catastrophic floods, fires

Saving Water Damaged Property

Monday, 24 February 2014 by

Flood: Be Safe, Then Act Quickly Different sources such as salvage experts, property specialists and government agencies advise that quick action is critical when faced with water-damaged property. Many types of personal property can be saved within 48 hours of the property suffering damage. Before trying to save property, make sure that YOU are safe.

Protect Yourself with Renters Insurance It’s common knowledge that if you own a home, you most likely need homeowners insurance to protect your investment and belongings. But if you rent a home or apartment, there’s a misconception that you do not need similar insurance protection. This is far from the truth. Renters insurance protects you

Hang Up and Drive: Avoid Being a Distracted Driver in Charleston, South Carolina For many Americans, especially those under 40, using a cell phone while driving seems perfectly normal. And when you consider that there are over 236 million cell-phone users, that’s a lot of them on the road. But is it safe? The numbers

How Does My Job Affect My Car Insurance Rate? People with high-stress jobs usually pay more for car insurance than those with low-stress jobs. An example explains why: Let’s say Lance the Lawyer and Larry the Librarian differ only in their occupations – same age, same marital status, living in the same neighborhood. Larry is

For A New Year, How About A New Financial Outlook? The New Year is a great time for you, our customer, to look over your insurance coverage and budget for the twelve months to come. In fact, a national survey showed that most insurance consumers have an alarming lack of knowledge about their coverage. 33 percent

Protect Your Furry Friend Under Your Homeowners Insurance Owning a pet can bring both many joys and much financial responsibility. Pet owners may not know that they can be held liable for any harm pets cause to people, property and other animals. The relationship that you have with your pet is an important part of

How Does My Marital Status Affect My Car Insurance Rate? Being single has its advantages. A lower rate on your car insurance isn’t one of them. Your marital status is one of several factors that car insurance companies look at when they calculate your rate. What the companies are trying to do is predict how

Group Loyalty Can Mean Car Insurance Discounts for You You may have heard that some car insurance companies offer discounts to auto club members, but did you know your alma mater and other groups you belong to might be able to save you some money on your premiums as well? That’s right, those membership dues

10 Boat Theft Prevention Tips

Monday, 18 November 2013 by

10 Boat Theft Prevention Tips Many residents of the Charleston area are fortunate enough to own their own boat. For many of these boat owners, their boat isn’t just an extra source of transportation but their pride and joy, often times a symbol of all of their hard work and achievements. Sadly, boat theft is