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Pros and Cons of Personalized Insurance Services  Independent insurance agents, unlike insurance agents employed by a large national insurance provider, have access to many insurance companies. Agents who work for a big insurer can only offer you insurance plans provided by their company. Independent insurance agents, however, work for you, and they have access to

Unfair Claims Practice

Monday, 08 July 2013 by

Unfair Claims Practice Requesting payment for a loss under your home, auto, boat or other policy is the major reason for having insurance. You have paid your premium with the assurance that, should an eligible loss occur, you or your property will be protected. Faithfully handling your premium payments gives you the expectation that your

Social Media Liability Part One

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 by

Social Media Liability Part One Your chances of suffering a loss is increasingly affected by the Internet and, particularly, social media. Increasing your awareness of social media liability loss exposures may help you to minimize or avoid them. Social Media Liability refers to claims for libel, slander, harassment, invasions of privacy, violations of intellectual property

Renters Insurance Protects Your Possessions in South Carolina – 2012 Renting your home or apartment in Charleston, South Carolina does not mean that your landlord is responsible for protecting your belongings under the property’s insurance. If there is a fire, water damage, theft, or any other sort of unexpected damage you would more than likely

That’s Entertainment

Thursday, 10 May 2012 by

From the smallest towns to the largest cities; there’s the repeated scene of a bar or club filled with people. They gather to eat, drink and to be entertained. Three sources of entertainment are still quite popular; live bands, DJs and karaoke. While many performers who provide these services do so as a full business

Avoiding Road Rage

Wednesday, 18 April 2012 by

Do you think you’ll become enraged on the road? Emotions have a huge impact on driving. Long before starting your car, you’ve had to wake up, deal with morning stress, perhaps get your kids moving, and worry about work (including getting there on time). Now that you’re stressed out by the way your day may

Internet Insurance Information

Wednesday, 11 April 2012 by

The Internet, due to this medium’s connection to savvy, technologically astute consumers, has become an ideal method for promoting and selling insurance products. However, even as greater advantage is being taken of electronic insurance transactions, it is important to keep a bit of old, yet still excellent advice – “Let the buyer beware.” Possible Danger

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Credit Based Insurance Scoring

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 by

Insurance companies use different sources of information about a person that supplements an application. For auto coverage, motor vehicle reports are ordered. For home coverage, physical inspections may be needed. Another tool that is widely used for underwriting is credit-based scoring. Use of this method was once controversial but, by and large, it has gained

While dogs make great companions, playmates, and protectors, they also continue to be a problem for insurers. Nearly two million people are bitten by dogs each year with around 800,000 persons requiring professional medical treatment for their wounds. Each of these incidents is a potential lawsuit. Have Teeth, Will Bite Tens of millions ofU.S.households own

Hold Harmless Agreements

Friday, 10 February 2012 by

If you want to avoid the danger of something negative resulting from pursuing an activity, the safest action is…..don’t pursue the activity. Of course, choosing that option is impractical, unrealistic and boring. The quality of our lives is highly affected by how we choose to spend our time. Any activity involves a chance that a