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Hang Up and Drive: Avoid Being a Distracted Driver in Charleston, South Carolina For many Americans, especially those under 40, using a cell phone while driving seems perfectly normal. And when you consider that there are over 236 million cell-phone users, that’s a lot of them on the road. But is it safe? The numbers

How Does My Job Affect My Car Insurance Rate? People with high-stress jobs usually pay more for car insurance than those with low-stress jobs. An example explains why: Let’s say Lance the Lawyer and Larry the Librarian differ only in their occupations – same age, same marital status, living in the same neighborhood. Larry is

How Does My Marital Status Affect My Car Insurance Rate? Being single has its advantages. A lower rate on your car insurance isn’t one of them. Your marital status is one of several factors that car insurance companies look at when they calculate your rate. What the companies are trying to do is predict how

Group Loyalty Can Mean Car Insurance Discounts for You You may have heard that some car insurance companies offer discounts to auto club members, but did you know your alma mater and other groups you belong to might be able to save you some money on your premiums as well? That’s right, those membership dues

How Does My Credit Score Affect What I Pay for Auto Insurance? You may not have had any auto accidents or moving violations, but if you have not managed your credit score you will pay more for auto insurance. In fact, your credit score is one of the biggest factors used to determine what you

5 Things To Do If Your Car Has Been Vandalized We hope you’re not reading this several days after your car has been vandalized, because that would suck and it could also hinder your auto insurance claim. In order to qualify for insurance coverage for the vandalism, be aware you must have comprehensive coverage on

 Collision Coverage – What Is It and Do I Need It? Collision Coverage Protects You from the Most Common Cause of Car Damage.  Collision Coverage Is a Vital Auto Insurance Option  Most of us have, at one time or another, looked at a bill for our car insurance premium and wondered, “Do I really need

When Your Car Breaks Down…..Towing Insurance to the Rescue!  Most drivers have endured the inconvenience of a mechanical breakdown on the road and subsequent need for a tow. It could be a dead battery, a blown tire or engine trouble. The first thing you probably think of is whether you have towing insurance. And what

How Previous Claims Affect Your Car Insurance Needs How many times have you said to yourself you should learn from your mistakes? Learning from previous car insurance claims is no different. Insurance claims come in all varieties: from damages you don’t really have any control over to those you cause and/or could have prevented. For

The Need for Car Rental Reimbursement

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The Need for Car Rental Reimbursement In most instances, carrying both adequate liability and physical damage coverage on your vehicle will be enough protection in the aftermath of an accident. However, be sure that you don’t overlook Rental Reimbursement, as it is typically only offered as an option. An accident disables your car. Well, that