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Driving With Children: The Ultimate Distraction It seems like kids are hard-wired to get hungry and more demanding as soon as the car starts. While driving across town or across the country, if you are not hearing cries of “I’m hungry,” more than likely it’s “I’m bored.” But in that second it takes to reach

Why a BUI Means Higher Auto Insurance Rates Boats and alcohol: Many boaters think they are a perfect combination. A nice summer afternoon, a few friends aboard, a cooler of beers – what more could you want, right? Truth is, drinking while piloting a boat is more dangerous than while driving a car. Boats cannot

Car Pooling – Part 2

Monday, 04 March 2013 by

Car Pooling – Part 2 Note: Please be sure to read “Car Pooling – Part 1″ You have already learned that many drivers use different ride-sharing arrangements. The typical automobile insurance policy covers these arrangements because the driving exposure is essentially the same. The common policy exclusion that refers to “public or livery conveyances” is

Diminished Value

Wednesday, 08 February 2012 by

Has your car ever suffered from diminished value (DV)? DV refers to damage to an auto that reduces its market value and there are several different types of DV: Inherent DV: Describes a general conviction that a wrecked vehicle, which is then repaired, is less valuable than a vehicle that has never been damaged. This

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