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Hang Up and Drive: Avoid Being a Distracted Driver in Charleston, South Carolina For many Americans, especially those under 40, using a cell phone while driving seems perfectly normal. And when you consider that there are over 236 million cell-phone users, that’s a lot of them on the road. But is it safe? The numbers

Tips to Keep Documents, Records and Photos Safe One of the most difficult tragedies for homeowners and renters is the total destruction of their house in a fire, hurricane or other disaster. All of a sudden, you have lost your home and everything in it. The financial loss is devastating enough, but there are also

Pros and Cons of Personalized Insurance Services  Independent insurance agents, unlike insurance agents employed by a large national insurance provider, have access to many insurance companies. Agents who work for a big insurer can only offer you insurance plans provided by their company. Independent insurance agents, however, work for you, and they have access to

Insurance Tips for First Time Home Buyers So you have now purchased your first home. What an exciting time! You probably have some plans on how you want to “make it your own.” In making these plans you should consider the best way to protect your investment. As a first-time home buyer, are you aware

13 Questions to Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums You may be frustrated with your car insurance premiums and factors that cause increases, such as: Your insurance company’s overall loss experience (due to more claims). The more claims made each year, the higher the rise in car insurance premiums. The increased value of newer model cars,

Unfair Claims Practice

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Unfair Claims Practice Requesting payment for a loss under your home, auto, boat or other policy is the major reason for having insurance. You have paid your premium with the assurance that, should an eligible loss occur, you or your property will be protected. Faithfully handling your premium payments gives you the expectation that your

Risk Management for Fine Arts Owners Part Two The information below comes from the Argo Group brochure titled, “Risk Management Individual Collectors,” and was originally a publication with a general summary of coverage of a title insurance policy by ARIS Title Insurance Corporation (ATPI). The following information comes from pages three through five of this

The Insurance Agent You Choose Matters Insurance agents are all pretty much the same, right? You get an insurance quote, you sign the paperwork and your home, condo, car or other vehicle is covered against future risk (if you pay the premiums on time). In fact, there are real differences between independent insurance agents and

Protect Your Pet with Your Homeowners Insurance Owning a pet can bring both many joys and much financial responsibility. Pet owners may not know that they can be held liable for any harm pets cause to people, property and other animals. The relationship that you have with your pet is an important part of your

Why a BUI Means Higher Auto Insurance Rates Boats and alcohol: Many boaters think they are a perfect combination. A nice summer afternoon, a few friends aboard, a cooler of beers – what more could you want, right? Truth is, drinking while piloting a boat is more dangerous than while driving a car. Boats cannot