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Social Media Liability- Part 2

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 by

Social Media Liability- Part 2                   See part 1 which discusses the meaning of social media liability. Social media liability claims can be complicated and expensive since they may involve historical postings. In these instances, defense costs may include electronic discovery or subpoenaing information from the social

Last week a couple of our agents attended the annual convention for insurers of South Carolina and picked up a couple of helpful brochures from the South Carolina Department of Insurance.  Here is some useful information we would like to share with you: Types of Homeowner’s Coverages in South Carolina The following information is not

Renters Insurance Protects Your Possessions in South Carolina – 2012 Renting your home or apartment in Charleston, South Carolina does not mean that your landlord is responsible for protecting your belongings under the property’s insurance. If there is a fire, water damage, theft, or any other sort of unexpected damage you would more than likely

Homeowners Insurance Lingo It is important to understand your Homeowners Insurance policy and be aware of all the exclusions and limitations it may contain. Knowing the meaning of all the specific terms and definitions will provide insight into your coverage’s ins and outs and make you feel even more protected. Homeowners Insurance(also Home Insurance, Hazard

Maintaining Underlying Coverages

Thursday, 26 January 2012 by

Umbrella insurance only works properly when the primary (underlying) coverages are maintained.  In fact, the obligation to make sure proper support remains in place is part of the umbrella insurance contract. It is found in the policy’s “Maintenance of Underlying Coverage” provision. The provision typically refers to the policy’s schedule or declarations where all of

Personal Injury

Friday, 20 January 2012 by

Unlike accidental events that result in a person suffering a serious injury (called Bodily Injury) or property that is damaged or destroyed (called Property Damage); Personal Injury usually involves one person’s alleged interference with another person’s legal rights. It also applies to incidents that damages another person’s reputation. Personal Injury commonly includes the following acts:

Common Sense Host

Tuesday, 03 May 2011 by

Season’s Meetings Holidays often include celebrations that bring together families and friends in private homes across the country. Food, fun, talk and spirits flow generously and, to add a sobering thought, so do injuries and accidents. It’s not news to hear that increased drinking leads to increases in personal tragedies, but it’s important to get

Safer Prom

Wednesday, 20 April 2011 by

Most young people remember their high school prom as being a particularly important point in their lives. For many, it represents their first chance to participate in a formal event. It is also considered a chance to act as a full-fledged adult. The event involves arranging a complete evening of dining, dancing and socialization. However,

Home Businesses

Wednesday, 13 April 2011 by

Homeowner (HO) policies aren’t meant to insure in-home businesses. HO premiums assume that coverage is for a residence and related structures. Therefore no liability coverage is available for business activities such as customers who slip and fall on your premises, damage to business property (owned or in your control), injury caused by things you make